A particularly productive meeting took place in the Flow Water Technologies industrial facilities in the Ayios Silas industrial area among the directors and representatives from the companies of Amazon Consulting Ltd (Antonis Theofanous, Marinos Agathokleous, Andrey Ivanonv), Loizos Iordanous Construction (Alexandros Iordanous), and Delfi Partners (George Mountis). The goal of this meeting was to prepare a financial study analyzing the profitability of the company’s future expansion plans, as well as locating strategic partners.

The Flow Water Technologies director Mark Hadfield gave the company representatives a tour of the facilities where they construct water cleaning systems (Ballast Water) for the water-bound by the ships during global travel.

The goal of the Ballast System is to exterminate microorganisms and bacteria so as to prevent their transference from one ecosystem to the next when the ship disengages the water needed to keep its balance at sea. This way they manage to avoid organisms in environments that are capable of causing a disruption to the ecosystem balance. By creating new technology, the Flow Water Technologies company aims to claim a significant share of this new market. It is additionally regulated by the guidelines of the European Committee regarding the protection of marine diversity.