Business Plans

The process of creating business plans and feasibility studies is at the heart of the business consulting department of Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services (ACIS).

A feasibility study can be seen as a guide that details the structure, goals and objectives of a new or existing business, as well as all possible methods that will lead to the achievement of a predetermined goal.

When do you need a business plan?

  • To obtain bank loans. This guide was added when the banking crisis started in May 2013. ACIS was one of the first organizations whose consulting services gave the Cypriot business world a vote of confidence by creating sophisticated business plans with the aim of attracting businesses and investors to bank financing.
  • To obtain a grant from the European Union through an application. In recent years the European Union grants have attracted the attention of entrepreneurs through active media advertising, resulting in many applications every year. What distinguishes a successful application from a failed one is the entrepreneur’s ability to convince and prove the reliability of the plans and the profitability of the company, which is possible only with a professionally drawn up and comprehensive business plan. In most cases, creating a business plan is a must when applying for the EU subsidy.
  • To contact new investors for the joint financing of projects and to participate in new and existing corporations. During a protracted economic downturn, selling a business is perhaps the only way to write off the debts. A professional look at this company should be seen as an attractive investment opportunity, which is a prerequisite for reaching out to potential investors.
  • Regardless of the procedure for obtaining a grant or funding, a business plan is a reliable navigator for any entrepreneur who wants to know in which direction his company is heading without using only informed guesses.


  • Our valuable human resources. All business plans are prepared by a team of experts with various academic and business backgrounds (economists, accountants, statisticians, as well as business and financial consultants). This allows for a layered approach and comprehensive analysis of all the aspects of a business or project.
  • Our experience. Our employees have been preparing business plans for over 20 years.
  • Each case is considered individually, therefore standard business plans are not used.
  • The most competitive prices at the market. Due to the nature and diversity of its activities, ACIS prioritizes broader partnership and collaboration with its clients.