Domiciliation and representation services

In accordance with KYC (know your client) procedure and international procedures for combating money laundering and terrorism financing, Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services provides services for the representation and domiciliation of its clients operating in Cyprus.

The list of services provided by our company includes:

  • Provision of the legal address of the company.
  • Maintaining mandatory records and the company registers.
  • Provision of the nominee shareholders and Directors.
  • Providing a Secretary for the company (if necessary).
  • Providing bank signature.
  • Sales address, such as hotline, serviced office or virtual office.
  • A phone number with messaging service or call forwarding can also be arranged.

Considering the tightening of the measures to prevent the creation of fictitious companies, we offer our clients services for renting offices, hiring highly professional management and administrative personnel, insurance of the business and the company employees.

Amazon Group Services can provide you with a registered office in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, choosing the most affordable option in addition to the prestigious address.

You can get detailed information on domiciliation by following the link.

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