You are selecting a bank to store the funds, and Amazon Corporate & Immigration Services performs the functions of managing them. We work with the trusted custodian banks in many jurisdictions from which you can choose.

Our partners:
Credit Suisse (Zurich, London, Guernsey, Luxemburg)
UBS London (Jersey, Zurich)
Goldman Sachs (London)
Morgan Stanley (New York)
Deutsche Bank (London)
Citibank (London, Switzerland)
Julius Baer (Zurich, Guernsey)
Safra Sarasin (London, Switzerland)
Edmond de Rothschild (Luxemburg)
Pictet (Switzerland)
EFG (Geneva)
RBC (Guernsey)

We offer the clients an institutional level of commission not usually available to individual investors. Below are the current rates for Credit Suisse Zurich. All the depositories listed by us have similar prices and, upon request, can provide you with the information on the current commission rates.

If the volume of your investments is € 20,000,000 or more, we are ready to negotiate and conclude an agreement with any depositary bank of your choice, which is not among our partners.

CREDIT SUISSE: Tariffs for the depositary services and transactions.

Operation type Commission
Depository services (safekeeping of the securities) 0.05% per annum
Stock deals 0.05% of the transaction
Bond transactions 0.03% of the transaction
Forex 0.03% of the transaction

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services discretionary management of a portfolio of securities fee is:

Up to 1% per annum (depending on the assets under the management and the portfolio mandate).