Real estate investment trust

The real estate market is a very lucrative industry for the companies or the businessmen who invest their financial assets in this industry.

One of the ways an investor can gain access to the Cyprus property industry is through a real estate investment trust (REIT), which is a specialized investment tool that is addressed to both small and large investors interested in acquiring ownership of various real estate objects.

The real estate investment trusts function by taking financial assets from their investors, which are subsequently invested in the real estate market.

There are two main types of REITs in Cyprus:

  • equity REITs: the investors receive ownership of the property in which they have invested their money;
  • mortgage REITs: investments are made in the mortgage.
Usually REITs provide the investors with high dividend yields. A Cyprus REIT requires a minimum 100 shareholders.

To set up a REIT at the Cyprus market, the businessmen will have to follow certain procedures which can be detailed by Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services consultants.

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Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services offers two groups of REIT related services in Cyprus:

  • REIT creation and transformation services, which include:
    • Feasibility studies.
    • Preliminary tax structuring and coordination with the tax authorities.
    • Capital raising and capital market strategies.
    • Readiness for the initial public offering (IPO).
    • IPO, registration and service offer.
    • Accounting support.
  • REIT support services:
    • Financial, reporting and audit, including the external audit of the internal control.
    • Global share and debt offering services.
    • Taxation – international, national, state and local.
    • REIT compliance with the legal requirements.
    • Financial transformation.
    • Integration, separation and restructuring of REIT.
    • Strategy of IT systems, their selection and implementation.
    • Business and real estate evaluation.
    • Services for M&A transactions.