Funds registration services

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services offers efficient funds registration solutions, supporting its clients’ ambitions for the cross-border distribution.

We can help you cope with the high complexity of the requirements in the multi-jurisdictional environment with a service that fits seamlessly into your organization’s structure.

The cross-border distribution goes beyond a simple registration process. It includes the allocation of Collective Investments in the Transferable Securities (UCITS) and other similar UCIs, the activation of the retail and wholesale channels through private placement, and the promotion of a public offering. This system allows mutual funds and other investment instruments to operate throughout the European Union. That is, UCITS seeks to unify investment regulation throughout Europe so that a company registered in one country can conduct operations in other countries.

The UCITS Directive made it possible to fund the promoters and significantly reduce the time to market for their UCITS mechanisms in Europe.

Key components of any cross-border distribution under the current regulations are the simplified notification process and processing of the Investor Key Information Document (KIID) and the Key Information Document (KID) respectively.

The streamlined management of these components creates opportunities, and those who take advantage of these opportunities accelerate time to market and gain the advantage in a highly competitive world.

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is potentially one of the most far-reaching legislative initiatives undertaken by the European Union in the area of ​​investment services. It provides a domestic market with the framework for the cross-border allocation of the alternative investment funds based on the concept of the alternative investment manager's passport, offering alternative managed products across multiple jurisdictions.

The tasks of the management are to fulfill the requirements of the host and the country of origin, explain these subtleties to the relevant third party countries and understand all the accompanying marketing and distribution requirements.

Key tasks in order to be able to access the required markets as fast as possible:

  • Optimization of the cost management taking into account all the factors of the allocation of the funds.
  • Industrialization and optimization of the funds distribution process.
  • Ensuring a streamlined continuous process for all the parties from the fund launch to its maintenance.
  • Monitoring of the regulatory changes at all the sales markets.
  • Minimization of the supporting processes in order to focus on the main activities and decisions.

Our services on the funds registration include:

  • Fully managed service combined with the manufacturing processes and technologies.
  • Ensuing communication between the client and local regulators at the target markets, as well as with the third party service providers.
  • Large local pool of over 80 regulatory experts.
  • Carefully selected and verified relationships with the external professionals at the market.
  • Monitoring the legislation to keep you updated on the regulatory changes.
  • Coordination of the amendments to the emission prospectus and advising on the compliance with the regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Flawless performance coupled with the regulatory awareness.
  • Outsourcing of the statistical regulatory reporting.
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