Malta citizenship

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services offers Maltese citizenship services to the interested investors through the Malta Individual Investor Citizenship Program.

The investment required to obtain the citizenship is around €800,000 Euro, plus the cost of renting or purchasing of the residential property.

The list of services provided by our specialists includes:

  • Assessment of the investor’s compliance with the selection criteria at the stage of the preliminary interview. Preparation of the documentation and legal examination of the documents received from the client required for the registration of the citizenship.
  • Accompanying and assistance in obtaining the residence permit for the period of consideration of the application for the citizenship (for a period of at least 12 months).
  • Calculation of the investment contributions and selection of the investment objects. Legal support of the client at all the stages of the investment: contribution to the Government of Malta, investment in the securities, rental or purchase of the real estate.
  • Applying for the citizenship.
  • Tracking the application process and providing the documents and information.
  • Escort to the place of the oath.
  • Legal assistance and support of the client until obtaining the Certificate of Naturalization and Maltese passport.
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