Permanent Residency Cyprus

If a candidate cannot obtain a Cypriot passport for any reason (for example, he already has a second citizenship in another non-European country), but wants to reside in Cyprus permanently without being subject to a lengthy visa procedure every time he visits the country, he can apply for a permanent residence (residence permit).

Advantages of the right for the permanent residence in Cyprus:

  • visa-free entry to Cyprus;
  • simplified procedure for obtaining a visa to visit the rest of the EU;
  • flexible tax system that stimulates the development of your own business;
  • wide range of investment opportunities;
  • high standard of living, developed healthcare system ;
  • presence of Russian and English diasporas;
  • rich cultural life ;
  • a large selection of sports facilities and sections that allow you to lead a healthy life style and develop professionally;
  • the holder of the residence permit after 7 years of the residence in Cyprus is eligible to apply for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services primarily specializes in providing clients with the services related to obtaining a permanent residence by investment permit.

There are two main procedures for obtaining a permanent resident status through investment in Cyprus: