An escrow is based on a contractual agreement in which a third party (an interested party or escrow agent) receives and distributes the money or property to the main parties involved. As a rule, a contractual agreement contains numerous conditions, under which the strictly defined legal actions must be carried out. Payments depend on the terms and conditions agreed by the parties of the transaction (for example, a trust account opened in the name of the borrower to pay the liabilities like property taxes and insurance premiums).

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services advises throughout the transaction until all the contractual obligations are properly fulfilled, and assists in drafting the escrow agreements, opening and managing the escrow accounts, as well as acting as an escrow agent. Opening of an escrow account can also be arranged.

We provide our clients with the escrow services to ensure the safe and successful completion of various corporate and commercial transactions.

Our escrow agent is a professional and reliable neutral third party operated by the experienced and trustworthy professionals, appointed by the parties to a specific transaction agreement to hold and distribute the funds (or other assets) and/or documents.

The agent follows all the escrow instructions set out in the escrow agreement and is responsible for the monitoring the provisions of the escrow agreement, for processing the payments of the escrow funds to and from the escrow account in accordance with the intended purpose, and for releasing and/or delivery of the documents or other assets held in the escrow, subject to all the applicable conditions, accurately and securely in accordance with the agreed terms.

Our escrow agent services are used in a variety of corporate, business and commercial transactions, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Corporate finance and securities transactions.
  • Acquisition of the real estate.
  • Other transactions for the transfer of the valuable personal and commercial property.
  • Other commercial business transactions involving the transfer of the funds subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions, guarantees or the provision of the services in accordance with the specific contractual agreement in question.
  • Other operations and transactions.

Our escrow agent assists with the provision of a customized escrow agreement reflecting the commercial terms of the transaction as set out in the relevant transaction documents.