Accounting and audit

Good quality well-organized financial accounting ensures that your business operates more efficiently on a daily basis. So, the timely and complete provision of financial information to our clients is a commitment that should not be violated for any reason.

Financial audit

In accordance with the Cyprus Companies Law, all the companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus are required to submit audited financial statements to the Register of Companies and the Tax Office annually.

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services audits companies based on their legal status, the industries in which they operate, the nature and scope of their operations. Our approach to the audit is based on our technical developments and experience with the International Standards of Auditing, IFRS and the legislation.

Internal audit

Internal audit is an independent and objective check of the company's activities at all levels: from the simplest operation to the final product of each business process, including the company management at all levels and assessment of the existing business risks. Based on the results of the internal audit, the Board of Directors and the owner of the company receive an independent opinion on the work of the company's management to achieve the corporate goals and adherence to business standards, on the quality and reliability of the financial statements and accounting. Systematic internal audit allows identifying and eliminating the shortcomings in the company's activities at the early stages, increasing the efficiency of the risk management, control and company management processes.

Specialized audit

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services provides the following audit services upon the customer request:

  • Special studies and/or consultations.
  • Preparation and documentation of the internal procedures and processes in accordance with the needs of the clients and in accordance with the regulations.
  • Development and implementation of the internal audit programs.
  • Study of the functions of the internal audit.
  • Auditing of the existing system and highlighting the areas for improvement.
  • Preparation of the internal audit reports for the use by the management and the internal audit committees of the company.
  • Assessing the systems in relation to the organizational risks exposure.
  • Efficiency of the operations.
  • Reliability and integrity of the financial and operational information.
  • Preservation of the assets.
  • Compliance with the laws, regulations and contracts.

Accounting services

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services Accounting Department will handle all the accounting projects, regardless of their complexity and volume, and will provide professional accounting for any business.

By using advanced accounting software to keep track of the transactions and prepare high quality financial statements, we provide our clients with excellent service at a minimal cost.

The accounting services provided by Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services include:

  • Maintenance of the books and records using computerized accounting software systems in a multicurrency system, which allows us to prepare accounts in all major currencies.
  • Billing services.
  • Preparation of the monthly/quarterly/annual reports.
  • Drawing up the forecast profit and loss statement and the cash flow forecasts.
  • Preparation and submission of VAT, VIES and Intrastat returns.
  • Assistance in setting up computerized accounting systems on the client’s premises.
  • Staff training in the accounting in accordance with the existing requirements and standards.