Individual Tax Services

Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services provides the following individual tax services:

  • Tax consulting and support for the individuals

    We provide our clients with the tax experience and knowledge they need year-round.
  • Tax consulting and planning

    Tax Department of our company assists the individuals in solving any personal taxation issues, like:
    • tax planning and tax compliance,
    • trust planning,
    • investment planning,
    • pension insurance,
    • life insurance,
    • etc.
  • Tax returns and calculations

    We offer the individuals:
    • Assistance in preparing the tax returns.
    • Submission of the tax returns to the Tax Office.
    • Consulting and preparation of the capital statement.
    • Individual tax planning.
    • Consulting on the tax issues concerning the expatriates.
    • Liaising with the local tax authorities.
  • Capital statement

    Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services tax specialists provide the following services to the customers:
    • Consulting and preparation of the capital statements.
    • Submission of the capital statements to the Tax Office.
    • Liaising with the local tax authorities.
  • Tax certificates

    Interaction with the tax authorities and obtaining the certificates of absence of the tax arrears, certificates of the tax residence and the presence/absence of double taxation.

    For more information about the taxation of the individuals in Cyprus follow the link.