Taxation and accounting of the value added tax

  • Value of VAT

    VAT is one of the most difficult taxes to account for businesses, as many organizations sometimes miscalculate their liabilities. VAT is an indirect tax and can be costly and difficult to comply with. Voluntary or involuntary non-compliance with VAT-related legal requirements can result in costly fines. However, proper handling of VAT can lead to additional sources of the cash flow for some companies.
  • Consulting and planning

    Amazon Corporate&Immigration Services tax specialists assist the clients comply with VAT obligations and provide tax audit services to identify and resolve tax issues at an early stage. They also advise clients on the international VAT transactions.

    The list of services of our company in this area includes:
    • Preparation and submission of VAT/VIES/Intrastat returns.
    • Negotiations with VAT authorities.
    • Effective VAT refund.
    • VAT diagnostic reviews.
    • Consulting on reducing VAT costs and risk management for the import/export.
    • EORI registration.
  • Registration as a VAT payer and preparation of the reports

    Our team helps the clients to carry out the following actions:
    • Registration as a VAT payer.
    • VAT analysis.
    • Preparation and submission of the VAT returns to the tax authorities.
  • Registration and preparation of the reports for Intrastat

    We assist our clients with:
    • Registration in Intrastat.
    • Preparation and submission of the forms to Intrastat.
  • Registration in VIES and reporting

    We provide:
    • Registration of the client in VIES.
    • Preparation and submission of VIES declarations.